PAT Testing

Sherry Electric Ltd. provides clients all over Ireland with regulatory compliant PAT testing. It is essential that all mobile electrical applications – in a working environment – are tested and fit for purpose.
Using industry standard equipment we can quickly PAT test an entire property and provide the necessary documentation upon completion.

For additional information on our regulatory standard PAT testing procedures, get in contact with Sherry Electric Ltd. today.

Installation Testing

All our modern electrical system installation packages come, as standard, with a full installation testing procedure. Our team stress test the installation, to ensure it is fit for purpose and durable enough to handle fluctuations in energy demands.
We are also available to test newly installed systems by third parties to ensure the competency of the installation.

For quality installation testing procedures, get in contact with Sherry Electric Ltd. today.

Fault Finding Testing

Faults in electrical systems can be a nuisance in domestic properties but they can be particularly damaging in commercial properties and industrial plants.
Electrical failures can cause downtime during peak trading hours in commercial buildings or adversely affect a manufacturing schedule in a processing plant.
Our comprehensive fault finding testing procedures inspect the electrical system in its entirety. Our procedures find fault-prone areas or parts of the system vulnerable to error.
We can advise clients on how to repair these issues, along with providing practical fault repair and fault prevention services.

Don’t risk the damaging effects of unscheduled downtime. Have our fault finding team inspect your electrical system today.