Industrial Electricians

Sherry Electric Ltd. provides clients nationwide with experienced, efficient and cost-effective specialist industrial electrician services.
Our team are available to warehouses, factories, manufacturing centres and processing plants. We have considerable experience working within the food processing industry.
Using state-of-the-art fault diagnostic equipment, our team quickly identify and remedy issues with the industrial plant's internal electrical systems or with specific issues with the processing and mechanical equipment.
Our service is designed to keep any unscheduled downtime to an absolute minimum. We provide clients with industrial repairs, industrial maintenance and industrial electrical upgrades.

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24 Hour Emergency Industrial Repair

A fault in the electrical system of a 24-hour manufacturing plant can adversely affect the manufacturing schedule no matter what time it occurs.
As such Sherry Electric Ltd. offers a 24-hour emergency electoral repair service.
Our mobile repair unit can come directly to your plant and quickly and effectively diagnose the issue. In most cases, we can repair the issue on site reducing any unscheduled downtime.

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Mechanical Repair and Upgrades

Our highly experienced team are available to fit processing equipment in industrial plants. We provide clients with light plumbing services, wielding and equipment fitting; along with our expert electrical installations, repairs and maintenance services.

Industrial Electricians

  • What’s the difference between an industrial electrician and a commercial electrician?

    In short, an industrial electrician is concerned with the electrician systems of industrial properties like warehouses, manufacturing plants etc. Due to the huge energy demands of these properties, industrial electrical work is a specialist area that requires training, experience and skills.

    A commercial electrician deals with electrical systems in business premises like offices, retail units, etc.

  • Are Sherry Electrical Ltd. available for contractual work?

    Yes, we are available for once off projects or we can negotiate a contractual arrangement for your industrial property. To discuss your requirements, get in contact with Sherry Electrical Ltd. today.