What does an industrial electrician do?

In the electrical industry, industrial electrical work requires a high level of specialisation and expertise. Almost all industrial properties put huge demands on energy systems and therefore require large and intricate internal systems to ensure the smooth operation of their facility.

What’s more, industrial electrical systems need to be as reliable as possible. Unscheduled downtime due to electrical faults and failures can have an impact on production, productivity and the ability to fulfil orders. With all this in mind, it's little wonder that industrial electricians are in a category of their own.
To better understand the work of an industrial electrician, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more common issues our industrial electrician addresses.


Installation and Repair of Fire Alarms

Essential to safety is a working fire alarm system. Unfortunately, accidents can happen in properties containing large electrical equipment and machinery. All industrial electricians install fire alarm systems. Due to the size of most industrial plants, it may be a huge undertaking to install a robust fire alarm system and therefore will require the specialist skills of an industrial electrician.


Power Distribution

An essential part of industrial electrical systems is the proper distribution of power. Certain areas and machinery will necessitate more power than others therefore the power system will need to be set up to properly distribute an adequate amount of electricity. Part of this may involve the replacing of ineffective or defective electrical components or systems.


Repair, Test and Maintain

Due to the power demands and the amount of energy that travels through industrial electrical systems, they need to be continually tested to ensure their continued competency. A professional industrial electrician will carry out contentious tests along with offering essential maintenance to keep the electrical systems running to the expected standard.
Unfortunately, breakdowns will be inevitable therefore an industrial electrician will also be able to diagnose issues and work on essential repairs when necessary.

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