Elements That Make a Good Industrial Electrician

When we being to evaluate the factors that make up a good industrial electrician, it’s important to first think about the unique role industrial electricians play. Due to the increasing dependence production has on electricity and automation it’s not an exaggeration to state that industrial electricians play a vital role in the economy.

These electricians do much more than repair electrical issues. Rather than repair, it could be argued that their main function is to prevent issues from occurring.

To distil the role down to its core functions, an industrial electrician tests, repairs and crucially maintains electrical equipment in an industrial setting. By their very nature, industrial electrical systems are usually incredible large and incredible complex. Therefore an industrial electrician is really an electrical specialist that ensures production can continue uninterrupted in everything from a factory to a manufacturing plant to a warehouse. With this in mind, one of the factors that makes a good industrial electrician is experience.


Specialist Electrical Expertise

Experience of course is vitally important, but the quality of this experience also determines the skill of the industrial electricians. Therefore when looking for talent industrial electricians always enquire about their exact experience. Have they worked in your industry before? Have they experience with everything from production line maintenance to robotics?
Considering the vast array of electrician types within different industries most industry electricians will focus on one particular area.




Although a level of specialisation is required, a good industrial electrician will be flexible. After all, an industrial electrician will often be slotted into a team and have to communicate with team members to identify issues or maintain complex electrical systems.

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